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5Uhr30.com offers antiquarian photobooks from all over the world; Europe, the Usa, Japan and South America. 5Uhr30.com is specialized on German titles from the 20ies till the 40ties;  by Karl Blossfeldt, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Helmar Lerski, August Sander and others. 5Uhr30.com is offering also rare sold-out photobooks from the 50ies until today, for example the rarest titles by Bernd and Hilla Becher, Heinrich Riebesehl, Chargesheimer and Michael Schmidt. 5Uh30.com is well known for extreme scarce photobooks in excellent condition. 5Uhr30.com has become within a short time one of the biggest players in the antiquarian photobook market worldwide. 5Uhr30.com is based in Cologne, Germany; founded by Ecki Heuser in 2008. for more informations, please contact here: 5Uhr30.com seltene fotobücher | rare photobooks Ecki Heuser Thebäerstr. 34 50823 Köln Deutschland