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We have 3 published magazines by now, many aspects of the broad spectrum of vintage photography are covered.

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#1: Dialogue Vintage Photography Magazine #1 – Focus Magazine


-Treasure hunters, a miniseries about collectors/traders: Tijmen van Dijk, Wouter Lambrechts, Roel Santvoort
-Alexandrine Tinne, a glimpse into the life of a courageous woman
-Clara von Waldthausen, a personal story about the love for photography
-The Perfect Photo, American Automatic, Tiptop and the path to the modern photo portrait
-Jan de Bont, an interview with a collector
-Unseen, the fair in 2021
-Time will tell, Collecting photographs in a museum
-The vintage print, a short history
-Memories of a curator
-Photo’s in Motion, an anthropological study
-Manfred Heiting, an interview with a collector
-Bubb Kuyper Veilingen, a talk about the auction business
-Marlof Maks, a collectors’ story
-Les Adu, photography as a stimulant for young people
-Photolanguage, vernacular photography

The magazines are in English