Erin Waters- US

Erin Waters- US

Dealer Vintage Photography

Erin has a degree in Russian Studies from Hamilton College and a masters in museum studies from NYU. In 2002, she was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to Russia. She enjoys researching a variety of photographic subjects and has given talks at conferences on copy photography and how people displayed photographs in their homes.

She has collected photographs since she was eight years old. Some categories of interest include: pre-Revolution Russian photographs, home interiors, folder photographs, hand tinted images, painted backdrops, photo jewelry, pop photographica, photographic postcards, and whatever else catches her eye.

She prides herself in finding amazing photos from daguerreotypes to snapshots to offer for sale. She shares a website with her dad and brother and also sells on eBay. Every year, she exhibits at many shows across the US and at a few in Europe.

Erin Waters
PO Box 1213
Lancaster, PA 17608