Roman Kienjet – NL

Roman Kienjet


Róman Kienjet works as a photography cataloger at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Although he is an all-round photo historian, his personal preference is for portrait and user photography from the Vertigo Years, the tumultuous early years of the 20th century. For two years now he has been collecting and researching ‘fast photography’ (Dutch: “snelfotografie”), which is a massive but forgotten, unrecognized and downright fascinating branch in the history of modern photo portraiture. Together with ping pongs, penny pictures, kilometer photos and stickybacks, his collection tells about commercialization, standardization and at the same time the individualism of a mass medium.

NB:  His book ‘The quick photographer’ (“De snelfotograaf”) is published by Walburg Pers in 2022.

Portrait: Dirk Kome